Getting started

copper-starter ist a getting started project for the cooper-engine. ( It demonstrates some main features of copper.


This sample project provides a performant solution for the following business workflow:

  1. an application needs to handle many workflows in a performant way and integrates copper-engine
  2. the copper engine provides the workflow instance
  3. Each workflow sends requests to an external asynchronous adapter.
  4. the adapter provides synchronous a correlationID for later references.
  5. After some time the adapter sends back the response data together with the correlationID
  6. the copper-engine continues the execution of the corresponding workflow
  7. the workflow handles the response data.



git clone
cd copper-starter
gradle assemble
Note: You can use ./gradlew or ./gradlew.bat instead of gradle if you don't have gradle already installed.
test run in eclipse
gradle eclipse
test run in Intellij IDEA
test run in console
 gradle --info runHello

If the test run succeeds, your are prepared for the tutorial.

Getting Started Tutorial

Structure of the copper-starter project

copper-starter contains two examples:

Start with Tutorial part 1 HelloWorld Example

Start with Tutorial part 2 Orchestration Example