COPPER stands for: COmmon Persistable Process Excecution Runtime.

  • COPPER is a high-performance Java-based workflow engine.
  • In contrast to many other Java-based workflow engines, it is not only written in Java but also uses Java for workflow definitions. See the features for an example.
  • You can dynamically modify workflows at runtime! As soon as you save the changed code, COPPER compiles it automatically and loads it.
  • You can implement both real-time tasks as well as persistent long-running tasks.
  • One of its key features is the asynchronous workflow processing that supports the processing of a large number of workflow threads in parallel without facing operating system thread count limitations.
  • With COPPER, you can easily implement high-performance transaction systems.
  • COPPER is 100% Java.
  • COPPER is OpenSource licensed under Apache License 2.0.

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Who we are

SCOOP Logo The COPPER workflow engine is the long-time development effort of the German company SCOOP Software GmbH. We are a consulting and software company with a constant direction towards state-of-the-art technologies and methods. Our high performance systems are used in multiple medium sized and large enterprises in branches such as online retail, telecommunications, financial services, logistics and local government.

We are using COPPER in several business-critical 24/7 systems which are in use in the European telecommunications market. In 2012 we decided to make COPPER OpenSource, put it under Apache License 2.0 and hosted it on Google Code first. Later on we moved the code to GitHub.

If you have any questions about COPPER and want to get further information, please visit our contact page.