Workflow made easy

COPPER is an open-source, powerful, light-weight, and easily configurable workflow engine. The power of COPPER is that it uses Java as a description language for workflows.

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COPPER is a high-performance workflow engine and comprises key features such as

  • automatic crash recovery
  • dynamic resource allocation
  • hot deployment
  • versioning
  • long running workflows (months or more)
  • features to support high availability (having a Apache Cassandra or Oracle RAC database)

When designing COPPER, we put the main focus on performance and reliability.

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Java based

Use the language you know best!

In contrast to many other Java-based workflow engines, it is not only written in 100% pure Java but it also uses Java for workflow definitions.

Plus, you can dynamically modify workflows at runtime due to its automatic class reloading!

COPPER 5.x runs with Java 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and Java 16. Java 7 is supported by COPPER 4.x.

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Open Source

COPPER is released under Apache License 2.0

The complete source code, releases and useful documentation are available at GitHub.

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