on 27 Nov 2015 by Michael
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We are proud to anounce, that COPPER 4.0.0-alpha1 has just been released.

The most important new feature of this release is the Apache Cassandra support. Copper now comes with an adapter that connects to a Apache Cassandra NoSQL database. We love Cassandra because it offers high availability and really scales linear. Besides it is for free and open source. With Copper 4 you can run your persistent workflows on a Cassandra Cluster instead of a classic relational DBMS, e.g. MySQL or Postgres. See the cassandra getting started at cassandra-getting-started.txt on how to setup Copper using cassandra.

Besides the Cassandra support, we worked on some things to make usage of Copper easier, especially for new users. The new ClasspathWorkflowRepository is quite easy to use. No need for extra folders for the workflow java files, and no need for a JDK installation at runtime. Just pass the package names of those packages containing your Copper workflows - that’s all.

Furthermore we introduced some new EngineFactories which make it easier to create and start a Copper engine, see CassandraEngineFactory or RdbmsEngineFactory.

And last but no least, this release no more supports Java 6.