on 04 Apr 2014 by Michael
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We are proud to announce COPPER 3.1.0

  • New feature: PersistentLockManager - a service to obtain/manager persistent locks, e.g. to functionally synchronize workflow instances.
  • New feature: PersistentProcessorPool.suspendDequeue/resumeDequeue Suspends/resumes dequeuing of workflow instances from the storage.
  • New feature: New utility org.copperengine.core.util.Backchannel, that offers functionality to signal a response from within a persistent workflow to its originator
  • New feature: support for the H2 database
  • New feature: added SimpleJmxExporter in copper-coreengine to ease the registering of JMX beans when COPPER runs without Spring
  • Maven: copper-coreengine: moved dependency on C3P0 to copper-regtest. Removed *ConnectionCustomizer classes, because they broke the JDBC spec regarding autoCommit; also removed OracleConnectionTester as it can be substituted by setting ‘preferredTestQuery=”SELECT 1 FROM DUAL”’ in C3P0 datasource.
  • Maven: copper-coreengine: removed unnecessary dependencies on aopalliance, findbugs-annotations and commons-codec, so the only remaining dependencies are on ASM and slf4j-api

You can get it here: https://github.com/copper-engine/copper-engine/releases/tag/3.1.0